On-campus learning experience

BAAS students are only required to visit campus for two on-campus learning experiences, which may be as short as a weekend. These face-to-face instructional experiences have been developed to provide students with opportunities for engagement with the Penn campus, while also providing students with choices for the experiences that best fit into their own schedules.

The first on-campus learning requirement must be completed in the first year of the BAAS program. Students can meet this requirement by enrolling in at least one hybrid course with an on-campus intensive session. Upcoming hybrid courses include:

The hybrid sections of online courses largely meet online but include one intensive session on the Penn campus scheduled over a weekend (Saturday–Sunday). In addition to mandatory class meetings during the intensive weekend, students may meet faculty, participate in advising sessions, attend evening activities, and connect with other campus resources. Students are encouraged to arrive early for an open house with refreshments and networking. There is a program fee of $175 for the intensive weekend session that will be billed along with your tuition for the course.

The second on-campus learning requirement may be fulfilled by one of the following experiences.

Advanced courses in each concentration give students the option to come to campus to present their final project for that class and attend face-to-face class meetings during a three-day period scheduled over a weekend. Students can fulfill the second on-campus learning requirement by presenting their capstone and attending scheduled events over the weekend.

Some courses in the degree program include a combination of face-to-face class meetings and online learning activities. Completing one term of a hybrid course fulfills the second on-campus learning requirement.

Some courses offer a hybrid section that requires an intensive weekend session; while students must attend at least one to fulfill the first on-campus learning requirement, students who enroll in two qualifying courses concurrently may attend the intensive sessions for both courses on the same weekend and fulfill both on-campus learning requirements simultaneously.

There is a program fee of $175* for the intensive weekend that is billed when you register for a hybrid course with an intensive weekend session. If you register for two courses simultaneously, you are only billed one $175 program fee.

*Transportation and accommodation costs for the on-campus learning experience have not been estimated and are not included in course tuition.

Some courses in the Physical and Life Sciences concentration (with the exception of courses in the Certificate in Neuroscience) are only offered on-campus. Completing one term of a campus course fulfills the second on-campus learning requirement

Visiting Philadelphia

Transportation and accommodation costs for on-campus learning experiences have not been estimated, and are not included in course tuition or program fees. Students are responsible for making their own arrangements for travel, lodging, and meals (unless otherwise specified). The VisitPhilly website has extensive information on local hotels and dining. See the Penn Transportation and Parking website for details about campus parking and bus and shuttle routes.

International students attending an intensive weekend for their first on-campus learning requirement are eligible to apply for an F-1 visa, and will be issued an I-20 form that covers a four-day visit for the duration of the scheduled session. Please note that international students will need to apply for an additional F-1 visa and I-20 form in order to take a second hybrid course or present a capstone project on campus in fulfillment of the second on-campus learning requirement.

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