Certificate & Course Admissions (Open Enrollment)

Open enrollment and the accessible online format that Penn LPS Online offers make getting started easy. Whether you already have an associate's degree, some college or a high school diploma or GED, Penn LPS Online certificates and courses are available to you.*

Ready to enroll?

Complete and submit the enrollment form and non-refundable fee ($25), accessible through our online application system. While we do not require an official application for certificates and individual courses, you do need to use our application system to submit information about your educational background and contact details in order to enroll as a Penn LPS Online student. Learn more about course tuition.

To enroll, you must have a high school diploma or have passed the high school equivalency exam or General Educational Development (GED) test:

  • For those who have taken the GED prior to 2014, you must have a minimum score of 450
  • For those who have taken the GED anytime between 2014 and the present, you must score 165, the College Ready score, in each section. Those who do not score as College Ready are encouraged to pursue coursework at their local community college to bring them to the college level.

No additional documentation is required. You will receive an email from Penn LPS Online asking you to confirm your enrollment; once you've confirmed, you can register for courses as they are available. See more details on how to enroll.

The enrollment fee is automatically waived for any applicant who is on active military duty or a veteran of the United States armed forces.

Enrollment forms must be received by the following deadlines:

Term of Entry Regular Deadline How to Apply
Summer May 5 Start your application via CollegeNet
Fall 1 August 15 Start your application via CollegeNet
Fall 2 October 1 Start your application via CollegeNet
Spring 1 December 15 Start your application via Slate
Spring 2 February 15 Start your application via Slate

Early enrollment form submission is encouraged for optimal course selection. For class start and end dates, and other key deadlines, please refer to the Penn LPS Online academic calendar.

Your completed application and application fee payment is due at 5 p.m. ET on the deadline date for the term to which you apply. We cannot guarantee that we will review information sent to the College of Liberal and Professional Studies admissions office after the deadline of the term in which you apply.

*Courses delivered through Penn LPS Online may count toward a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences and a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Penn LPS, but do not count toward a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Pennsylvania. Students planning to transfer Penn LPS Online credits to another institution should be aware that transfer credits are awarded at the discretion of the other institution. Students planning to submit an application to the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree may apply up to, but no more than, four eligible Penn courses earned through enrollment in Penn non-degree programs toward BAAS degree requirements. Non-degree programs include (but are not limited to) Penn Summer Sessions, Penn LPS Online Gateway Program, and Penn LPS Online courses taken individually or as part of a certificate program.

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