Meet the Team

Ilene Ford

Recruitment and Admissions Specialist
Admissions and recruitment support for Penn LPS Online

Jaime Kelly

Director, Certificate and Non-Degree Programs
Academic Advisor for Post-Baccalaureate students taking Penn LPS Online courses
Academic Advisor for certificate students in Applied Positive Psychology, Climate Change, Creative Writing, Data Analytics, and Neuroscience

Jen Kollar

Associate Director, Undergraduate Degree Programs
Academic Advisor, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts students
Academic Advisor, Matriculated veterans and military-affiliated students

Sarah Libros

Student Success Advisor
Academic Advisor, Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences students
Academic Advisor, Gateway students

Elizabeth Matthew

Associate Director, Curriculum Development and Instructions
Academic Advisor for Certificate in Leadership and Communication

Melissa Moore

Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Programs

Amy Mulhern

Recruitment Specialist
Admissions and recruitment support for the Certificates in Data Analytics and Leadership and Communication
Academic advisor for Penn LPS Online course takers

Leigh Anne Scarborough

Assistant Director of Student Services and Records
LPS Student Services
Academic Advisor, Certificate in Professional Writing
Academic Advisor, Certificate in Organizational Anthropology

Kristin Sowden

Associate Director, Career Advising and Planning
Career design content and programming
Senior Portfolio management

Raymond Taylor

Online Student Life Manager

Kathy Urban

Director, Undergraduate Programs
LPS contact for veteran and military-affiliated students

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