Information for New Penn LPS Online Students

Now that you’ve completed the easy and open enrollment process for Penn LPS Online courses and certificates, or taken one of the two pathways to admission in the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences program—congratulations! We are proud to welcome you to the community of outstanding students dedicated to expanding their intellectual and professional horizons.

The following checklists and guides will help you through the necessary steps to begin your online learning experience. Please be sure to follow each of the steps, in order, for your own convenience. Our staff is available to answer any questions as they arise.

All Penn LPS Online students should complete the following steps before registering for classes.

  1. Accept our offer of admission
    To accept our offer of admission, revisit your online application and answer a few short questions. Once you have submitted your decision form, we will be able to create a student record for you in the Penn system.
  2. Complete the PennKey and password setup for Penn Systems logon
    The PennKey is your online identity that provides secure access to online billing, registration, and other electronic resources at Penn.

    Current/past students and Penn employees, you can continue to use your existing PennKey.

    If you don’t already have a PennKey, you will be sent a set-up code to the email you used when applying to Penn in 3-5 business days. If you have not received a PennKey setup code within that time frame, first check your Spam folder. If you do not see an email there visit the PennKey website and click "Contact."

  3. Enroll in the PennKey Self-Service Password Reset (or SSPR) and Two-Step Verification
    The PennKey Self-Service Password Reset (or SSPR) will allow you to independently change your PennKey password as needed. Once enrolled, you can use SSPR to send a code to your registered personal email to quickly reset a forgotten password at any time. Sign up for self-service now to avoid delays for a password reset in the future.

    If you are not prompted to sign up for the PennKey Self-Service Password Reset (or SSPR) towards the end of your PennKey setup process, please enroll on the SSPR website after you set up your PennKey.

    Two-Step Verification provides an added layer of protection when accessing PennKey-protected websites and applications.

    For any issues with Two-Step Verification, contact
  4. Activate your Penn email address and update directory
    If you do not already have an active Penn email address, then you must create one. Visit the Penn Computing site to get started. Please note that you need to create your PennKey before you can setup an email address, as your address is based on your PennKey

    You should check your entry in the Penn Directory to verify that the information is correctly listed. Please allow two days for a newly created email address to show up in the Penn Directory. Visit the Penn Directory to check your listing. Click the "Login” button in the upper right corner, then click “My Profile” to see your listing.
  5. Submit your transfer credit evaluation to XCAT (accepted BAAS degree students only)
  6. Set up an appointment with your advisor
    BAAS students should set up an advising appointment by emailing and putting “BAAS” or “Gateway” in the subject line. Advising appointments are available to certificate students and course takers, but not required.
  7. Register for courses
    Course registration is available online through Path@Penn, the main hub for information about your academic records, financial aid, and student profile.
  8. Submit all final transcripts (BAAS and Gateway students only)
    You will be unable to register for courses until we have received and verified all final official transcripts. Learn more about how to submit transcripts, and about our transcript policy.
  9. If seeking financial aid (BAAS students only; Gateway and certificate students are not eligible), submit your free application for FAFSA and your Penn LPS registration form.
  10. Confirm all computer technology is up to date and meets system requirements. Review current system requirements for all Penn LPS Online students.
Fall 2024 orientations will be announced in August 2024.

Students are strongly encouraged to have a PC or MAC desktop or laptop--notebook computers like Chromebooks as well as mobile devices like tablets and smartphones are NOT recommended as a sole device as they do not support all course technologies. To confirm that you have what you need to get started in an online course, please review our technical requirements. In preparing for your online experience, a good rule of thumb is to update everything including your operating system, your preferred web browser(s), and Flash. You will need a strong internet connection; public WiFi is rarely adequate. See a more detailed system requirements for online and hybrid classes.


All Penn LPS Online courses have robust course sites in Canvas, the University’s learning management system. You will be added to a course site in Canvas shortly after enrolling in a course and can then log in to Canvas with your PennKey and password. Course sites in Canvas open on or before the first day of class. If a course is grey you are enrolled but the course site is not yet published. To get started, log into Canvas.

Canvas will be a key piece of your program experience and might include the syllabus, weekly or topical modules, as well as important interaction and discussion with your peers, TAs, and professor. If you need assistance within Canvas, you can email


Some Penn online courses require live synchronous meeting sessions. These sessions are held in a platform called Zoom. All synchronous sessions have unique Zoom links, and the link to your live meeting will be available on the home page of your Canvas course site. Always log in with your full name—no username or password is required. You can consult the course page of the Penn LPS Online website as well as your course syllabus to determine if your course requires Zoom sessions.

For live synchronous meetings we strongly recommend you use a USB headset. We recommend the Logitech Clear Chat model, which is available at the Penn Bookstore and various online retailers. Smartphone earbuds (with an attached microphone) will also work short term if you do not have a headset. For other equipment needed for live meetings, please review the current system requirements for Penn LPS Online students.

For more details about the ZOOM platform and requirements:

Technical support

If you encounter technical difficulties with your course that require immediate assistance, there is 24/7 support available via email at or by phone at (833) 283-2987. We will respond to your request as soon as possible. You can also visit our Knowledge Base to see if your technical issue has already been addressed.

For all other technical questions and support, you can contact the Online Learning Team anytime by emailing

Information resources

Student Resources
We offer a comprehensive array of services that are available to you on your academic journey.
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