Nature-based solutions: harnessing the power of ecosystems in climate change mitigation
Get a comprehensive overview of nature-based solutions—including the many co-benefits, how they support climate change mitigation, and the actions required to implement them on a global scale.
Global leadership: navigating challenges and inspiring change in a connected world
Penn LPS Online can help you gain cultural competence, an adaptable leadership style, and effective communication skills to succeed in our interconnected world.
Humanities vs. social science: exploring the dichotomy
Get an overview of the different approaches, areas of study, and career paths for your humanities vs. social science consideration so you can pinpoint which option best aligns with your goals.
Mindful living: the power of heedfulness in cultivating a meaningful life
What you think can have a profound effect on how you live. Read about the benefits of heedfulness, practices to cultivate it, and proven strategies for mindful living.
Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences graduates honored as 2024 LPS Student Award winners
Every year, several outstanding students are singled out for academic distinction and community recognition. Congratulations to the 2024 honorees!
Building a professional network online: How to connect with your peers and working professionals in a virtual environment
A strong professional network can help advance your career, offering a forum for skill development, career advice, job leads, talent acquisition, new customers, and more.
Faculty Spotlight: Michael Weisberg
Meet the 2024 graduation speaker Michael Weisberg and see how he approaches the intersection of philosophy and science in the classroom—and on the global stage.
Mastering your schedule: effective time management strategies for success
Take control of your time! Get proven time management strategies that can help you stop procrastinating and start using your time to the fullest.
Faculty Spotlight: Heather Moqtaderi
Meet SDEI instructor Heather Moqtaderi, and learn how contemporary art can facilitate dynamic conversations about diversity and inclusion—past, present, and future.
The liberal arts math revolution: how math is more than just numbers
From literature to creative innovation, from baking to budgeting, math is everywhere. Learn how math builds practical skills for everyday life and prepares you for a variety of career paths beyond the sciences.
Powering the future: explore the rise of clean energy jobs
Get an overview of 10 clean energy jobs and see if any are the right choice for you.
Summer reading for the science-curious: 7 books recommended by Penn faculty
We asked our science and math instructors for approachable beach reads that are smart enough to feed your hunger for knowledge. Here are their recommendations.
The science of the atmosphere: what you need to know
Get an overview of atmospheric science to increase your understanding of the field, a grasp of why it is important, and information on how atmospheric scientists are working to lessen the impacts of climate change.
8 online courses you can dive into this summer
Whether you’re interested in global culture or Greek mythology, whether you want to try writing with data or writing with mindfulness, Penn LPS Online has a summer course for you. 
The role of team culture in building high-performing teams
Building a strong team culture is essential to the profitability and longevity of organizations in virtually every industry. What is effective team culture, and how is it developed?
Explore the difference between Greek and Roman mythology
Learn about the differences and similarities of Greek and Roman mythology as your first step toward delving into significant historical and contemporary themes of differing cultures.
Understanding the goals of science
Prepare to investigate the goals of science, discover the steps inherent to the scientific method, and learn how to increase your own scientific expertise.
How global temperature and weather patterns affect mountain climates
Explore a few of the environmental, ecological, and societal impacts of global climate change across mountain ranges worldwide.
Essential reading for the humanities: 3 books recommended by Penn faculty
We asked the instructors of upcoming spring courses for the books they were most excited to share with students. Here are their recommendations.
The difference between academic and professional writing: a helpful guide
One of the key differences is the goal of what’s being written. Read on to dive deeper into the ins and outs of academic and professional writing.
8 modern poets who have a unique way with words
Are you ready to learn more about the powerful and expressive art form that is modern poetry? Take your creativity to the next level with Penn LPS Online.
11 spring courses for your 2024 dreams and ambitions
What does 2024 have in store for you? Whatever your aspirations may be, Penn LPS Online has a spring course that can ignite your curiosity, answer your questions, or build your skills for your next step.
10 virtual collaboration tools to boost productivity and engagement
Working from home, in the office, or both? Discover essential collaboration tools that help consultants, startups, and large organizations manage projects, communicate with team members and clients, and boost productivity.
The science of happiness at work: How positive psychology can increase productivity
As a part of his extensive work on well-being, Dr. Martin E. Seligman created the PERMA model, which outlines five essential components to living a balanced, fulfilled, and happy life. See how this model can be used to increase productivity and happiness in the workplace.
Digital strategies and culture: What you should know and why it matters
Robust digital cultures allow companies to become more efficient, adaptative, and growth-oriented. Explore the characteristics and benefits of digital culture and the advantages to developing it in the workplace.
Talking climate with Michael Mann—and Climate Week at Penn
Climate scientist Michael Mann spoke with OMNIA about this summer's unprecedented weather events. Listen to the podcast, and learn more about upcoming climate events at Penn.
Is ethics on your mind? Explore meaningful careers where integrity is essential
Explore meaningful career paths where an understanding of ethical principles and the ability to apply ethics to make decisions is not only advantageous, but essential.
Why communication is essential to effective leadership
Strong communication skills allow you to inspire and empower the people around you. See the skills that will enhance your leadership and communication expertise through the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences.
For this BAAS graduate and Dean’s Scholar, Bread Upon the Waters was the bridge
For Gabrielle Solair (BAAS ’23), the scholarship helped support her journey from Nashville musician to cultural communications and outreach specialist.
Why excellent communication skills are vital to a successful science career
Successful communication requires strong scientific and industry expertise and practical messaging skills. Explore five strategies for science communication and five rewarding careers in science that you can consider.
7 interesting fall courses that show how everything is connected
Our 8-week accelerated courses give you the option to take two exciting courses in succession. See what’s available this fall—and how exploring different disciplines can enhance your experience.
Why a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Organizational Studies is critical in today’s world
Learn how a concentration in organizational studies can boost your work life with skills to be a better collaborator, communicator, and manager.
6 Notable professional writing careers for newcomers and seasoned wordsmiths
Learn how to employ the subtle art of communication as a professional writer in a variety of hands-on courses through Penn LPS Online.
Tips for adults transitioning to online learning
Online learning is a growing trend for adults. Learn how to thrive in your educational pursuits with these 6 strategies.
Learn how effective leadership drives success
In addition to soft skills like adaptability, critical thinking, and team building, here are seven additional and integral components of leadership that will support the success of your career and of the teams and organizations you serve.
Faculty Spotlight: M. Ruth Elliott
Learn how M. Ruth Elliott, recently honored with an LPS Distinguished Teaching Award, teaches biology concepts to students at all levels, from high school to pre-med.
In the modern workplace, everyone employs professional writing skills
There are as many practical applications for professional writing skills as there are professions—but you can count on practice and support as you develop your abilities in five key objectives.
6 helpful steps to return to an academic mindset after a vacation
Getting back from a break or holiday? Penn LPS Online presents 6 strategies to help you successfully re-focus on your studies and get the most out of your coursework.
Enhance your life with applied positive psychology
Did you know you can make yourself into a positive thinker? Explore these strategies to increase the optimism in your life and improve your everyday mindset.
7 Fascinating facts about neuroscience and the brain: How well do you know your brain?
How well do you know your brain? Read 7 fascinating facts about neuroscience and the brain—and explore our Certificate in Neuroscience to go even deeper.
5 creative strategies used by seasoned writers to keep writer's block at bay 
Worried you’re losing creative inspiration? Here are 5 strategies used by creative writers to keep writer's block at bay.
6 certificates you can start this summer
These foundational courses, offered in summer 2023, will introduce key concepts and knowledge you can put to work immediately—or deepen by continuing your studies with a certificate.
Ready to customize your degree? Why you should consider Individualized Studies
With the Individualized Studies concentration from the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS), you can customize a unique degree concentration to align with your unique life goals and career aspirations. See how your goals line up.
DEI in the workplace: Why it’s important for company culture
Explore the depths of DEI in the workplace with the Certificate in Social Difference, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Read why DEI is so important to company culture.
How earning a certificate can enhance your career and your life
Learn how earning a certificate can enhance your career and your life.
Why it’s important to learn about climate change
In the Certificate in Climate Change, you learn about the natural and human activities that drive climate change and develop skills to effectively communicate what you know to a diverse audience. See why learning about climate change is so important.
Senior Portfolios illustrate BAAS students’ career readiness and goals for the future
The Senior Portfolio is the culminating achievement for BAAS students, connecting their Ivy League academic experiences to workplace readiness.
7 tips to help you achieve academic success
How will you achieve academic success this year? Read these 7 tips to help you create clear, actionable objectives and develop good study habits and skills.
What is upskilling and why is it important for your team?
Training, development, and growth are key factors to employee satisfaction and retention. What is upskilling and how can the Penn LPS Online Upskill Certificate get your team to the next level?
Interested in applied positive psychology? Explore 5 exciting career paths enhanced by positive psychology
Flourish in a career enhanced by positive psychology. Read about 5 exciting careers you can explore with a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology.
Penn LPS Online Neuroscience Certificate student Kelley Roark writes about the neuroscience of epilepsy in web journal Neuro Central
Penn LPS Online Neuroscience Certificate student gets published! Kelley Roark writes about the neuroscience of epilepsy in web journal Neuro Central
Can learning about ghosts help us cope with pandemic losses? This Penn professor says yes.
Gods, Ghosts, and Monsters professor Justin McDaniel observed that learning about funerary rites and afterlife beliefs helped his students connect and cope during the pandemic.
9 online spring courses to expand your mind and inspire you
Set your sights on a spring course that will inspire you to discover the world, reconnect with your creative passions, or develop new skills with professional and practical applications.
Faculty Spotlight: Zephi Francis
As the globe faces an increase in extreme weather events amplified by climate change, Penn LPS Online offers a new course in disaster management.
5 key reasons why data analytics is important to business
Learn why you should enhance your data literacy with the Data Analytics Certificate.
Looking to advance your career? 5 important reasons to upskill with a certificate
Whether you’re looking for ways to become more competitive in the job market, revise or rebrand your skill set, or pivot into a new field, you can customize the Upskill Certificate to your ambitions by choosing courses that align with your goals.
Why are diversity and inclusion critical in the workplace?
Learn how diversity and inclusion in the workplace improve employee satisfaction, teamwork, and organizational success.
Faculty Spotlight: Justin McDaniel
Discover the diversity of religious practices—and why the study of religion matters—with Dr. Justin McDaniel, instructor of RELC 2000: Gods, Ghosts, and Monsters and RELC 2500: Asian Religions.
7 skill sets every aspiring leader should develop
Explore the core leadership skills that can prepare you to effectively make decisions, solve problems, and empower those around you to work toward shared goals.
Interested in a sports marketing career? Elevate your marketing skills with the Certificate in Digital Strategies and Culture
Learn strategies to help improve your technological fluency, build your critical thinking and data analysis skills, and create and manage digital content to compete in this fast-paced field.
Interested in all things related to technology? Explore 5 exciting digital marketing career paths
What can you do with a Certificate in Digital Strategies and Culture? Explore 5 exciting career paths that benefit from technological fluency and critical thinking about how digital content is used and created.
9 online courses to ignite your ambition this fall
Whether you want to explore an unfamiliar subject, add a professional skill to your portfolio, or begin a career-enhancing certificate program, fall is the perfect time to start something new.
Interested in data analytics? Explore 7 exciting careers in the field
Data-driven careers are on the rise. Learn how the Certificate in Data Analytics at Penn LPS Online can prepare you for this engaging field.
Considering a Certificate in Professional Writing? Explore 6 compelling career options
Explore 6 compelling career options that the Penn LPS Online Certificate in Professional Writing can help prepare you for – whether you already have a bachelor’s degree or not.
Tell a compelling career story with the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Senior Portfolio
The online degree is designed to integrate the traditional methods and values of an Ivy League liberal arts education with opportunities to develop career-enhancing practical and professional skills.
6 healthy habits to help keep you motivated and productive
Healthy habits help you balance your professional, personal, and academic obligations in a way that allows all these aspects of your life to thrive. Read about 6 healthy habits to help keep you motivated and productive as you pursue your studies at Penn LPS Online.
Faculty Spotlight: Sukalpa Basu
Learn how Dr. Sukalpa Basu, recently honored with an LPS Distinguished Teaching Award, makes physics feel accessible and relevant to students of all backgrounds.
LISTEN: Professor of Music guides listeners on a tour of South African music history for OMNIA
In the OMNIA episode “Music and Meaning,” Penn LPS Online instructor Carol Muller describes her research into unique musical styles including gumboot dancing, Shembe music, and South African jazz.
The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences experience, according to three recent graduates
Meet three remarkable BAAS graduates, and discover how our innovative online degree helped them achieve their academic dreams.
Ready to make an impact? 5 reasons to pursue a Certificate in Climate Change
Pursue a career in sustainability, gain the knowledge to help your organization go green, and learn about the science of climate change with Penn LPS Online. See 5 reasons to pursue a Certificate in Climate Change and get ready to make an impact.
5 benefits to choosing the Creative Studies concentration
Nurture your creativity and pursue a career in the creative arts by earning an online bachelor’s degree with a concentration in creative studies. See 5 benefits to choosing the creative studies concentration at Penn LPS Online.
Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences students shine in the first annual Senior Colloquium
Graduating BAAS students share presentations about their individual journeys toward completing an online Ivy League bachelor's degree.
4 ways the Certificate in Professional Writing can help advance your career
Better job opportunities await! With Penn LPS Online’s Certificate in Professional Writing, you strengthen your writing skills and build confidence as you develop a strong professional portfolio. See 4 ways the certificate can help advance your career
This is why global and regional studies are important—now more than ever
In the Certificate of Global and Regional Studies, the world is your classroom. Dive into these diverse courses to understand the most pressing and complex issues that face the world today.
Certificate or degree: 4 questions to help you make your choice
Penn LPS Online offers certificates and a bachelor’s degree, but which offering is the right one for you? Here are 4 questions to help you make your choice.
How to create an effective study strategy for your exams
Prepping for finals? Don’t stress—planning early, creating study guides, and practicing self-care are all ways to ace that test. Read about 9 effective study strategies Penn LPS Online students use to have successful test days.
Five rewarding careers related to creative writing
Dreaming of a career in creative writing? The Penn LPS Online Certificate in Creative Writing can help you make it a reality. Read about 5 exciting careers in creating writing that a certificate can prepare you for.
5 steps to choosing a concentration that aligns with your goals
Need help choosing a concentration? Penn LPS Online’s Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences offers 8 to choose from that can advance your career.
What does it mean to study diversity and inclusion—and how do you apply what you learn?
Hear from the program team behind the new Certificate in Social Difference, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and learn how students can put this knowledge to work.
8 effective strategies for academic success
Adult learners can be challenged by adding academic commitments to their already busy family and professional life. Determination, discipline, and patience can effectively balance all these roles.
6 reasons bachelor’s degree graduates are glad they earned an Ivy League education
Is the Ivy League worth it? See 6 reasons why Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences graduates are glad they earned an education at Penn LPS Online.
Enhance your personal and professional development with multiple certificates
Here are 5 reasons why earning multiple certificates can help you reach your personal and professional goals—whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or realizing your love of lifelong learning.
5 advantages of earning an online bachelor’s degree or certificate as a working adult
Designed to enhance your skills and knowledge for career advancement, job transition, or the pursuit of your intellectual interests, Penn LPS Online delivers for working adults.
9 spring courses to cultivate your skills and inspire your curiosity
What are your goals for 2022? Explore your intellectual curiosity, enhance your professional portfolio, or start a new course of study by enrolling in one of these spring courses.
Chart your own course through Individualized Studies
The Individualized Studies concentration is just one more way the Bachelor of Applied Arts gives students the flexibility to make the most out of their experience at Penn.
What it means to be Ivy League—and why it’s worth it
Selective admissions processes, academic excellence, and world-class programs: Read what it really means to be Ivy League and why it’s worth it to you.
Faculty Spotlight: Clayton Colmon
Explore Afrofuturism, digital community-building, and critical futures with Dr. Colmon, Penn LPS Online instructor and instructional designer.
Which Penn LPS Online certificate is right for you?
With four new skills-focused certificates in addition to our established programs, there are now even more options to earn an academic credential in less than one year.
Faculty spotlight: Yvette Bordeaux
Meet Dr. Bordeaux and learn about how she got interested in climate change, why hands-on learning matters, and what happened to Devonian-era brachiopods.
11 immersive online courses to dive into this fall
What do you want to accomplish next term? With these exciting fall courses, you can start a new certificate, try out a new skill, or cultivate new habits.
Look no further: 10 practical online courses to enhance your life skills
Simply put, practical life skills allow you to deal effectively with the increasing demands of everyday life.
Putting positive psychology into practice in challenging times
Attending to our own happiness during uncertainty and tragedy can be difficult, but Leona Brandwene, Director of the Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology, says that ideas emerging from the science of positive psychology can help.
What to consider if you're thinking about transferring colleges
Whether you are thinking about transferring or coming back to school after a hiatus, here are tips on how to make the most of your transfer credits.
2021 College of Liberal and Professional Studies Commencement Announcement
Following the University announcement about this year’s commencement ceremony, the College of Liberal and Professional Studies is pleased to announce that we will again host a virtual celebration to honor our graduates.
Learn how to leverage the power of logic in Mathematics All Around You
With a focus on topics such as logic, probability, and the history and philosophy of mathematics and their relevance to contemporary life, this course pushes students to consider “why” math works rather than simply “how.”
How to become a data-oriented thinker and problem-solver in the Certificate in Data Analytics
The Data Analytics team walks through the structure, applications, and benefits of this practical certificate program.
Why cross-cultural communication is important—and how to practice it effectively
ICOM 100: Intercultural Communication helps Penn LPS Online students develop effective communication skills and cultural understanding globally as well as within diverse communities.
Literature, Culture, and Tradition: an online degree concentration for students of humanity
Learn how this cross-disciplinary humanities degree concentration can sharpen critical skills for work—and for life.
Explore everyday biology and think like a scientist in Foundations of Life Science
Basic biology and scientific reason skills give adult students the power to make decisions about their daily lives in this foundational course.
For Kathy Urban, a high-quality education means putting students first
The LPS Director of Undergraduate Programs discusses the importance of agile thinking and adapting to student needs.
To thrive in the new digital landscape, you need to be more than just a user
Scholars of digital culture say technical proficiency is now required to participate in society—and that we need to know much more about technology tools than we realize to harness their potential.
How our recent graduates put their applied bachelor's degrees to work
Meet three of our recent BAAS graduates and learn how their Ivy League education helped them achieve their career goals, ignite new academic passions, and enrich their personal lives.
Informative, introspective, and inspiring: 12 interesting Ivy League courses you can take online this fall
Whether you want to learn more about the world, get on top of your game at work, or unlock your creativity, Penn LPS Online has a fall course for you.
Achieve your unique goals with flexible degree requirements and a custom Penn experience
The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences is structured for students to build individualized pathways to academic excellence and professional growth.
Tips on how to succeed in an online class
For those new to online learning, the virtual classroom may feel like uncharted territory. Penn LPS Online staff and students offer tips on how to prepare for online classes and become a successful online learner.
What are certificates—and why do working professionals increasingly find them worthwhile?
For some students, a certificate program offers the best opportunity to specialize in a particular area of expertise without a steep investment of time.
We’re all virtual collaborators now… but do we know how to be?
Collaborating successfully in the virtual space is harder than it may seem. Learn what remote teams need to do their best work together.
Online learning isn’t a replacement for the campus classroom. For some students, it’s better.
For the many Penn LPS Online students with professional and family responsibilities, the most obvious benefit of taking college classes online is flexibility.
Tips for remote working and learning
This spring, more and more people find themselves learning and working remotely—in many cases for the first time.
The importance of lifelong learning
Professional success is just one of the many benefits of lifelong learning. Others include building confidence through mastery, staying intellectually stimulated, and discovering new passions and perhaps your life purpose.
Skill, style, and substance: How creative writing workshops fuel personal and professional growth
Human beings have a fundamental desire to connect through expression. For both experienced writers and those new to the craft, that desire is often confounded by what's missing: support, structure, and accountability.
What is climate change, and what should we do about it?
The conversation around climate change has taken on new urgency in the last few years. As we see more superstorms, floods, droughts, and fires in the news and our own lives, more people than ever before feel drawn to understand this complex topic.
With ‘The Sacramento of Desire,’ creative writing professor Julia Bloch completes a personal trilogy
Penn LPS Online’s Creative Writing Faculty Director’s most recent book of poetry focuses on her desire for making a family as a member of the queer community.
Penn LPS Online students on how to balance school, work, and family
According to a 2019 report from the McKinsey Global Institute, lifelong learning programs play a key role in connecting workers with new opportunities, supporting career changers, and helping specialized practitioners adapt to evolving technologies.
Demand is growing for liberal arts majors
Whenever a new decade rolls around, we tend to reflect on the social, economic, and other forces that shaped the world over the last ten years.
A history of US-Iran relations
After a US drone strike killed Iran’s most powerful military commander this month, both nations braced for the possibility of war. How did we get to this point, and what is the path forward?
How to be a leader in the workplace
The Individualized Studies concentration: How it works and if it makes sense for you
5 Historical must-reads
Want to safeguard your future and make a difference? Study climate change.
Your mind at work: Applying neuroscience in the classroom and outside of the lab
7 things you can do at Penn Libraries—online!
Learning to understand and assess organizational culture
Using positive psychology to improve your personal and professional well-being
What is organizational anthropology?
Portfolium to Support University of Pennsylvania Online Bachelor’s Degree Program
Behind the scenes of election night projections
Do I need to go back to college? Conducting a career self-assessment
Educational leaders examine the ‘University of the Future’
The online option: College for adults who work
What is a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree?
The College of Liberal and Professional Studies launches online bachelor’s degree