Explore everyday biology and think like a scientist in Foundations of Life Science
Basic biology and scientific reason skills give adult students the power to make decisions about their daily lives in this foundational course.
For Kathy Urban, a high-quality education means putting students first
The LPS Director of Undergraduate Programs discusses the importance of agile thinking and adapting to student needs.
To thrive in the new digital landscape, you need to be more than just a user
Scholars of digital culture say technical proficiency is now required to participate in society—and that we need to know much more about technology tools than we realize to harness their potential.
How our recent graduates put their applied bachelor's degrees to work
Meet three of our recent BAAS graduates and learn how their Ivy League education helped them achieve their career goals, ignite new academic passions, and enrich their personal lives.
Informative, introspective, and inspiring: 12 interesting Ivy League courses you can take online this fall
Whether you want to learn more about the world, get on top of your game at work, or unlock your creativity, Penn LPS Online has a fall course for you.
Achieve your unique goals with flexible degree requirements and a custom Penn experience
The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences is structured for students to build individualized pathways to academic excellence and professional growth.
Tips on how to succeed in an online class
For those new to online learning, the virtual classroom may feel like uncharted territory. Penn LPS Online staff and students offer tips on how to prepare for online classes and become a successful online learner.
What are certificates—and why do working professionals increasingly find them worthwhile?
For some students, a certificate program offers the best opportunity to specialize in a particular area of expertise without a steep investment of time.
We’re all virtual collaborators now… but do we know how to be?
Collaborating successfully in the virtual space is harder than it may seem. Learn what remote teams need to do their best work together.
Online learning isn’t a replacement for the campus classroom. For some students, it’s better.
For the many Penn LPS Online students with professional and family responsibilities, the most obvious benefit of taking college classes online is flexibility.
Tips for remote working and learning
This spring, more and more people find themselves learning and working remotely—in many cases for the first time.
The importance of lifelong learning
Professional success is just one of the many benefits of lifelong learning. Others include building confidence through mastery, staying intellectually stimulated, and discovering new passions and perhaps your life purpose.
Skill, style, and substance: How creative writing workshops fuel personal and professional growth
Human beings have a fundamental desire to connect through expression. For both experienced writers and those new to the craft, that desire is often confounded by what's missing: support, structure, and accountability.
What is climate change, and what should we do about it?
The conversation around climate change has taken on new urgency in the last few years. As we see more superstorms, floods, droughts, and fires in the news and our own lives, more people than ever before feel drawn to understand this complex topic.
With ‘The Sacramento of Desire,’ creative writing professor Julia Bloch completes a personal trilogy
Penn LPS Online’s Creative Writing Faculty Director’s most recent book of poetry focuses on her desire for making a family as a member of the queer community.
Tell a compelling career story with the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences ePortfolio
The online degree is designed to integrate the traditional methods and values of an Ivy League liberal arts education with opportunities to develop career-enhancing practical and professional skills.
Penn LPS Online students on how to balance school, work, and family
According to a 2019 report from the McKinsey Global Institute, lifelong learning programs play a key role in connecting workers with new opportunities, supporting career changers, and helping specialized practitioners adapt to evolving technologies.
Demand is growing for liberal arts majors
Whenever a new decade rolls around, we tend to reflect on the social, economic, and other forces that shaped the world over the last ten years.
A history of US-Iran relations
After a US drone strike killed Iran’s most powerful military commander this month, both nations braced for the possibility of war. How did we get to this point, and what is the path forward?
How to be a leader in the workplace

Interest in the study of leadership has exploded in recent decades within academia and beyond.

The Individualized Studies concentration: How it works and if it makes sense for you

Students in the Penn LPS Online Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) program explore a variety of subjects...

5 Historical must-reads

Looking for the best world history books or historical novels to read? Ask a professor.

Want to safeguard your future and make a difference? Study climate change.

You don’t have to be a scientist to help tackle climate change. We will need informed action from every field...

13 Unique Ivy League classes to take online

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Learning to understand and assess organizational culture

With the launch of the new Certificate in Organizational Anthropology, Penn LPS Online aims...

Using positive psychology to improve your personal and professional well-being

Positive psychology is the scientific study of what creates flourishing, what enables us to thrive as humans...

What Is Organizational Anthropology?

What’s the first thing you think of when you see the word “anthropology?” Perhaps all the National Geographic...

Portfolium to Support University of Pennsylvania Online Bachelor’s Degree Program

The University of Pennsylvania’s College of Liberal and Professional Studies (LPS) has selected Portfolium’s Student...

Behind the scenes of election night projections

John Lapinski, faculty director the Certificate in Data Analytics, discusses election data and exit polls.

Do I need to go back to college? Conducting a career self-assessment

Remember when the end of August signaled back-to school-time and taking young children shopping for new clothes...

Educational leaders examine the ‘University of the Future’

At Perry World House, global thought leaders, scholars, administrators, and technology experts discussed...

The online option: College for adults who work

Technology, automation, and shifting personal and workplace expectations have all redefined how we look at jobs...

What is a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree?

An Ivy League undergraduate education that can be pursued online—that’s not a phrase you see very often. Until now.

The College of Liberal and Professional Studies launches online bachelor’s degree

Beginning in the fall of 2019, the Penn LPS Online platform will offer a fully-accredited, online education.