Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor's Degree

About the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences program

The Penn LPS Online Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) program provides a liberal arts education—built with career enhancement in mind. With a variety of courses and degree concentrations to choose from, you can tailor an educational experience that fits your personal and professional goals.

Penn LPS Online’s Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences is an accredited degree designed for working adults and other non-traditional students who want to pursue an Ivy League education. In addition to the core methods and values of a liberal arts education, the curriculum integrates professional or academic opportunities for students to apply the knowledge and skills they develop through their coursework. Learn more about what this program entails by viewing the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree requirements


Two pathways lead to admission to the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences. The standard admission process includes a review of your previous transcripts with a focus on the most recent coursework. Alternately, you can “prove your way in” by successfully completing four designated gateway courses Penn LPS Online courses with a minimum GPA requirement to demonstrate your ability and commitment to academic success.

Whether you already have an associate's degree, some college, a high school diploma, or GED, Penn LPS Online makes the Ivy League experience accessible to you.

Flexible and career-focused

Learn About our Concentrations
Concentration options within the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences program allow you to craft a degree to suit your interests and career goals.
Prove Your Way In
For working adults, Penn LPS Online offers an alternative to the standard admissions process.

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