Virtual campus learning experience (formerly the on-campus learning experience)

The virtual campus learning experience will offer an opportunity for BAAS students to engage with faculty who will share, in an interactive session, how their research and expertise are applied in industry and work environments outside of the classroom.

  • The virtual campus learning experience requirement will be offered in a Zoom session and will not require a visit to campus for the fulfillment of the requirement
  • Virtual campus learning experiences will be scheduled each fall and spring and will be a stand-alone event not attached to a course, and involve virtual engagement with faculty
  • Topics will vary as will the faculty who are presenting and may involve individual faculty members or a panel presentation
  • Students are required to attend one session but may be interested in attending several virtual campus learning experiences

BAAS students are required to fulfill the virtual campus learning experience requirement as part of their senior portfolio. Students should check in with their advisor with any additional questions.

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