How to Enroll

Enrollment instructions for students with no previous college-level coursework

When you reach the “Academic Background” section of the enrollment form, you will be asked to input college/university information. Students with no college/university information to enter should enter their high school or GED information according to the instructions below.

  1. Click the red button, “Search for College/University.” This will bring you to a separate page where you should input the country, state, and city where your high school is located. If you earned your GED, just enter the current country, state and city where you live.
  2. On the “School Search Results” page, click on “None of the Above.” You will be automatically returned to the College/University Name page.
  3. Type over “Not Found” and “??” to enter the name of your high school, city and country in the appropriate fields. If you earned your GED, enter “GED” instead of College/University name and your current city and country.
  4. For “Degree Level” select “Non-Degree.”
  5. For “Type of degree or diploma”, enter “High school diploma” if you earned a diploma. If you earned your GED, enter “GED” instead.
  6. For “Major Field(s) of Study” enter “N/A.”
  7. For “GPA scale” enter “No GPA.”
  8. For the remainder of the questions on this page, please note that some are optional and may be left blank. For the questions that are required, you will be prompted to answer them before you will be able to move forward in the enrollment form. For the required questions, please answer to the best of your ability according to your high school or GED completion information.