Penn's Certificate in Neuroscience An Ivy League Certificate Designed for Professional Growth

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The online Certificate in Neuroscience from the University of Pennsylvania engages you in an exploration of the biological, psychological, and clinical approaches to understand the nervous system as the biological basis of behavior.

Grounded in Research

You will learn to apply studies in cognitive neuroscience, neurochemistry, and psychology to gain deeper insight into human behavior with a focus on areas including memory, motivation, and emotion.

Comprehensive and Relevant

Understanding the intricate correlations between neural mechanisms and behavior is an important area of contemporary scientific research with broad application across disciplines and career options.


The courses are designed to develop skills applicable to a variety of career environments including healthcare, research, educational, pharmaceutical, and clinical settings.


The online courses are scheduled at times to accommodate working adults, so you can easily enhance your scientific knowledge base while still pursuing your career.

University of Pennsylvania online certificates—a flexible, Ivy League educational experience with immediate career impact.