Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences—Literature, Culture, and Tradition Gain Deeper Insights into Complex Cultural Issues through Multidisciplined Historical Analysis

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The Literature, Culture, and Tradition concentration for Penn LPS Online’s Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree program provides a blended humanities and cultural framework from which to better understand the world in which we live by examining the world as it once was. By investigating the literature, notable shifts, and decisive events of the past as they were experienced by different people groups, in addition to gaining insights into the past, you’ll develop the research and analytical skills you need to critically examine current cultural challenges. With potential coursework in focus areas such as classics, creative writing, English literature, music, religion, and culture, you’ll gain the skills you need to:

  • Understand significant historical themes and issues from the ancient world to the present
  • Interpret key literary and historical texts
  • Combine perspectives from different source disciplines


Coursework expands your worldview by engaging with a number of cultures through many different disciplines, from religious studies to history to economics, literary studies, politics, and more.


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Explore contemporary culture through a global perspective with an Ivy League education in Literature, Culture, and Tradition.