Penn’s Online Course: Virtual Collaboration Transform the way you communicate as you learn the relationship between technology and collaboration and explore the tools necessary in driving effective communication.

Penn’s Online Course: Virtual Collaboration

The 21st-century workplace requires a cutting-edge toolset to understand, create, and manage change. Penn LPS Online courses in organizational anthropology equip you with the skills you need to thrive in an evolving and complex workplace. Each course examines a unique aspect of organizational development and culture: from team building to conflict resolution; from collaborating in the virtual workspace to learning the behavioral nuances at play in a global environment.

You have the option to enroll in an individual course, complete all four courses and earn the Certificate in Organizational Anthropology, or apply courses toward the completion of our Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree. Our courses in organizational anthropology include:

ORGC 2010: Virtual Collaboration

Collaboration is an essential ingredient for human growth, learning, and success, and there are endless possibilities for collaboration across the globe. This course explores the relationship between the technologies, tools, and the human factors associated with the cultural/social frameworks necessary for effective collaboration.

ORGC 1600: Introduction to Team Culture

Effective collaboration is more essential than ever to individual and collective success in the 21st century, but a lack of understanding of group culture often prevents teams from reaching their full potential. This course combines research-based insights from the arts and sciences with intensive practice to help students improve their ability to manage team culture effectively.

ORGC 3010: Anthropology of Organizations

What is organizational culture and how does it affect performance? In this course, students step through foundational theories and learn to identify the drivers of cultural conflict that can hinder strategies and reduce collaboration.

ORGC 3300: Building Influence Across Cultural Boundaries in Organizations

Every organization has subcultures defined by different divisions, departments, and teams that make it difficult to collaborate and get things done. In this course, students develop the ability to communicate across these cultural boundaries to build influence and effectiveness, drawing on current insights from psychology, anthropology, and behavioral economics.

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