Prove Your Way In

If your academic background is not reflective of your academic potential or you are not successful in applying through the standard application procedure, you can apply to “prove your way in” through our Gateway Program by demonstrating academic success in four foundational courses, called Gateway courses. The Gateway courses give you an opportunity to demonstrate your current academic capabilities and also provide a strong foundation for continued academic success in the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) program. “Proving your way in” through our Gateway Program enrolls you in the same courses as students admitted through the standard admission process. Individuals that have already earned a bachelor’s degree are not eligible for the Gateway Program.

Your four Gateway courses should include one course from each of the following foundational skill areas:

Learn more about our transcript submission process.

Students planning to submit an application to the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree may apply up to, but no more than, four eligible Penn courses earned through enrollment in Penn non-degree programs toward BAAS degree requirements. Non-degree programs include (but are not limited to) Penn Summer Sessions, Penn LPS Online Gateway Program, and Penn LPS Online courses taken individually or as part of a certificate program.

In order to apply to Penn LPS Online's BAAS Gateway program, you need to use Penn’s online application system. To apply for summer, fall 1, and fall 2 2024, watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to complete the online application:

Documents needed

Applicants must have a high school diploma or have passed the high school equivalency exam or General Educational Development (GED) test:

  • For those who have taken the GED prior to 2014, you must have a minimum score of 450
  • For those who have taken the GED anytime between 2014 and the present, you must score 165, the College Ready score, in each section. Those who do not score as College Ready are encouraged to pursue coursework at their local community college to bring them to the college level.

To apply through our online application system, select "LPS Online Gateway to the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences" from the menu and complete and submit the online application and non-refundable fee ($25). 

You will receive an email from Penn LPS Online asking you to confirm your enrollment; once you’ve confirmed, you can register for designated Gateway courses as they are available. For information on application deadlines, visit the BAAS Admissions page.

Please note that all application materials become the property of the University of Pennsylvania and will not be returned. Remember to retain a personal copy of your application.

  • Transcripts from each post-secondary school attended, regardless of age of transcript, number of courses taken, or grade received.
  • High school transcript, if fewer than 16 courses at the college level were completed.
  • International transcripts: Applicants who have attended a college or university outside the US are required to have a course-by-course credential evaluation (with grade point average and course levels) performed by an outside evaluation service. Credential evaluations will be reviewed by our administrators, and the determination of degree equivalency to US degrees is at the discretion of the College of Liberal and Professional Studies. The following evaluation service is acceptable:
    • World Education Services Inc. (WES): WES must complete a course-by-course evaluation of all post-secondary credentials. The course-by-course evaluation should include the comparability level of your education and list each of your courses along with the equivalent US marks and credit. Please select the WES basic course-by-course evaluation (with grade point average and course levels) and request that WES send your evaluation to Penn College of Liberal and Professional Studies Admissions. The school can be found by searching the University of Pennsylvania and then selecting College of Liberal and Professional Studies. The evaluation becomes an official academic record and sole property of the University upon its receipt. For additional information about the WES application and their review process, please visit the WES website. Please note that these services charge a fee for the evaluation.
  • TOEFL scores, if English is not your native language. The minimum TOEFL scores required for admission are 100 (iBT), 250 (CBT), 600 (PBT), or an IELTS score of at least 7.0. TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition and IELTS Indicator exam scores will be accepted. Duolingo English Test (DET) scores may also be submitted. The minimum DET score for consideration is 130. Please note that the College of Liberal and Professional Studies is accepting at-home TOEFL test scores through the 2023-2024 admissions year. Please visit the specific standardized test website for exam options in your home country.
  • Current resume/CV
  • Application essay: Please answer the following questions. Responses should not exceed 500 typed words for both questions combined:
    • Describe your educational history and background as well as your academic and professional goals.
    • Describe any non-academic experiences that you feel strengthen your application (e.g., employment, travel, community service, volunteer work, or publications).

System requirements

All applicants should confirm that their computer technology is up to date and meets system requirements. Review current system requirements for all Penn LPS Online students.

Individuals who are on active duty or veterans of the US military service are eligible for application fee waivers.

Your completed application and application fee payment is due at 5 p.m. ET on the deadline date for the term to which you apply. We cannot guarantee that we will review information sent to the College of Liberal and Professional Studies admissions office after the deadline of the term in which you apply.

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