Faculty Spotlight

Just like traditional on-campus classes, Penn LPS Online courses emphasize communication and connection with instructors as well as peers. Our courses are designed and delivered by Penn faculty who bring years of teaching experience as well as professional expertise to the classroom. The Faculty Spotlight series aims to introduce you to some of the outstanding instructors who make our courses so immersive and effective.

Faculty Spotlight: M. Ruth Elliott
Learn how M. Ruth Elliott, recently honored with an LPS Distinguished Teaching Award, teaches biology concepts to students at all levels, from high school to pre-med.
Faculty Spotlight: Zephi Francis
As the globe faces an increase in extreme weather events amplified by climate change, Penn LPS Online offers a new course in disaster management.
Faculty Spotlight: Justin McDaniel
Discover the diversity of religious practices—and why the study of religion matters—with Dr. Justin McDaniel, instructor of RELC 2000: Gods, Ghosts, and Monsters and RELC 2500: Asian Religions.
Faculty Spotlight: Sukalpa Basu
Learn how Dr. Sukalpa Basu, recently honored with an LPS Distinguished Teaching Award, makes physics feel accessible and relevant to students of all backgrounds.
Faculty Spotlight: Clayton Colmon
Explore Afrofuturism, digital community-building, and critical futures with Dr. Colmon, Penn LPS Online instructor and instructional designer.
Faculty spotlight: Yvette Bordeaux
Meet Dr. Bordeaux and learn about how she got interested in climate change, why hands-on learning matters, and what happened to Devonian-era brachiopods.

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