Everette Davidove

Photo of Everette Davidove

Everette Davidove (he/him) has a long history of bringing together theory and practice in his academic work. In 2018, Everette began teaching as a lecturer in gender and sexuality studies at California State University San Bernardino and as an adjunct faculty member in women, gender, and sexuality studies at the University of Redlands in Southern California. By 2021, he started teaching at the University of Redlands’ School of Continuing Studies where he became the lead instructor for the LGBTQ leadership certificate. Beginning in January 2023, Everette began teaching as a lecturer for gender and sexuality studies at the University of California Riverside. His classes are designed to study the nuances of power while honoring the knowledge his students bring into his classes. The students who take his classes describe him as enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and caring.

As of May 2023, Everette became a PhD candidate in cultural studies at Claremont Graduate University. His dissertation entitled, “Embodied Knowing: How Trans Critique Creates Liberatory Pedagogical Possibilities” engages in a cultural analysis of how systems of power can be challenged and transformed in learning environments in ways that create liberatory praxis through bringing trans studies, critical pedagogy, queer studies, and cultural studies in conversation with one another. Everette earned his Master of Arts in 2017 in women, gender, and sexuality studies from Oregon State University where his master's research focused on developing support networks for LGBTQ youth within the Inland Empire in Southern California. Additionally, in 2015 Everette earned his individualized Bachelor of Arts in “Collaborative Organizing with Feminist and Queer Communities” from the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies, housed within the University of Redlands.

In recognition of his community organizing on the local and national level focusing on LGBTQIA2S rights, feminist advocacy, anti-racism, and nonprofit political organizing, Everette earned the 2015 Denise Davis Leadership and Involvement Award and the 2015 Sadath Garcia Impact Award. Additionally, during his time as a PhD student, Everette was selected to be a cultural studies fellow at Claremont Graduate University in both the 2020-2021 and the 2021-2022 academic year.

Outside of his academic work, Everette is an active backcountry hiker and an all-mountain skier, and you can often find him exploring and studying his local mountains in Southern California. Beyond this, Everette enjoys playing music, spending time with his cats, and a good cup of coffee.