Yvette Bordeaux, PhD

Online Certificate in Climate Change instructor
Director, Professional Master's Programs in Earth and Environmental Science

Dr. Yvette Bordeaux received a BS in Biology-Geology from the University of Rochester, and MS and PhD in Geology from the University of Pennsylvania. Yvette was the Associate Director for Undergraduate Programs in Earth and Environmental Science at Penn from 1998-2008, and has been Director for the Professional Master's Programs (Master of Environmental Studies and Master of Science in Applied Geosciences) since 2007. She received the Provost’s Award for exceptional teaching, the LPS Distinguished Teaching Award, and the UPCEA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Alexander Charters Outstanding Continuing Educator Award.

Yvette studies marine organisms that live on the shells of other organisms, known as epibionts. Her work examines organisms more than 400 million years old as a way of determining water quality, ocean circulation patterns, and climate history of regions throughout the world.