MTHS 2200: Introduction to Applied Statistics

Introduction to Applied Statistics
Course in Mathematical Sciences
Course Description:

In this introductory statistics course students will be introduced to the fundamental techniques for using sample data to make inferences about populations. We will begin with developing the necessary probability framework and statistical intuition before moving to the specific procedures for statistical inferences from large and small samples, single and multiple linear regressions, and measuring correlation.

Course Credits:
1 course unit (c.u.)*
Term Format:
Accelerated 8-Week Term
2024 Term Offered:
Summer 1 (accelerated): May 28 – Jul 23, 2024
Course Block:

*Academic credit is defined by the University of Pennsylvania as a course unit (c.u.). A course unit (c.u.) is a general measure of academic work over a period of time, typically a term (semester or summer). A c.u. (or a fraction of a c.u.) represents different types of academic work across different types of academic programs and is the basic unit of progress toward a degree. One c.u. is usually converted to a four-semester-hour course.


  • Senior Instructional Technology Project Leader, School of Arts & Sciences Computing and Lecturer in SAS and LPS

Elizabeth C. Scheyder has been teaching undergraduates at Penn since 2012, where she is also the Senior Instructional Technology Project Leader in SAS Computing at Penn. She was the technical director for PennAdvance, Penn’s initial foray into online courses, and producer for their videos, from 2000 to 2007. She currently teaches one course a… Read more

Patrick Shields

  • Mathematics Lecturer


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